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Troy - Er staat een paard in de gang

Idi i Smotri: The Unknown Soldier
Dillinger and Capone: 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted
Gridlock'd: Life Goes On
Bad Lieutenant: Crying in the Chapel
The Straight Story: I Ain't Mad at Cha
Crossroads: Wonda Why They Call U Bitch
Bullit: Picture Me Rollin'
Scarface: All Eyez on Me
Midnight Cowboy: Like a Rolling Stone
Unforgiven: Desolation Row
High Plains Drifter: Only God Can Judge Me
Gladiator: Redemption
Henry - Portrait of a Serial Killer: The Beast in Me
Fargo: People Are Strange
Road House: Roadhouse Blues
Requiem for a Dream: The End
Christiane F: You're Lost, Little Girl
Apocalypse Now: Strange Days
Smoke: Light My Fire
The Devil's Advocate: Sympathy For The Devil
Fallen: Time Is On My Side
Easy Rider: Born to Be Wild
Fast Times at Ridgemont High: Take It As It Comes
Once Were Warriors: Waiting For The Sun
Eyes Wide Shut: Suspicious Minds
The Wild Bunch: Closing Time
2001 - A Space Odyssey: Little Trip to Heaven
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: Cocaine Eyes
Badlands: Are You Ready for the Country?
Slash: Harvest
City Lights: Heart of Gold
From Dusk Till Dawn: Tequila Sunrise
Halloween: Wild Child
One from the Heart: Dulce Amor
Taxi Driver: Midnight Rambler
Bloodsport: Let It Bleed
American Pie: Touch Me
Animal House: All Shook Up
Menace II Society: In the Ghetto
Memento: Why Me Lord?
Pi: Paint It Black
Uzak: The Sound of Silence
The Craft: I Put a Spell On You
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Bad Moon Rising
Vampire Hunter D: Turn Your Lights Down Low
The People vs. Larry Flynt: Hell 4 a Hustler
Boyz 'N the Hood: Straight Outta Compton

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De Stilte Rond Christine M --> The Sound of Silence (Art Garfunkel/Paul Simon)

Uitgesloten: Break Away

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Enkele horrofilms:

Leprechaun - Kabouter Plop
Hellraiser - Living in a box
Poltergeist - The sun always shines on TV
Return of the living dead - Fool if you think it's over
Nightmare on Elm Street - Ik heb zo waanzinnig gedroomd
Lake Placid - Snappie de kleine krokodil
American Psycho - Psycho killer
Dentist - Altijd lente in de ogen van de tandartsassistente
Mangler - Kleine wasjes, grote wasjes (Wasmachine)
Children of the corn - New kid in town
The Village - Het Dorp


Sleepy Hollow: als je hoofd in de rook is verdwenen...

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Dumbo: I believe I can fly
Pinocchio: Would I lie to you?
101 dalmatiers: who let the dogs out
Assepoester: in the midnight hour
Robin Hood: wild wood
Reddertjes in Kangoeroeland: Down Under
Aladdin: Magic Carpet Ride
Klokkenluider van Notre Dame: For whom the bells tolls
Mulan: China girl
Hercules: strong enough
Brother bear: a change would do you good

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The Great Escape-Band on the run
Fahrenheit 9/11-Weg met Amerika
Trainspotting-Live And Let die
American Pie-Forever Young
Silence of the lambs-Schapen Neu....
Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind-Here comes the sun

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Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas ---> Cocaine In My Brain

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It - Hij was maar een clown

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Welke Julia Roberts film dan ook: Bigmouth Strikes Again!

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