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Akira (????) (live action)

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It's Official - Live-Action Akira Confirmed Already for 2009!

February 20, 2008

Source: Variety

by Alex Billington


Back in October last year, we reported a rumor that the Japanese anime classic Akira would eventually be getting a live-action remake. We finally have official confirmation today that says there will not only be a new adaptation, but that it is being split into two movies! Warner Brothers has re-acquired the rights and is putting the first film into production right away, aiming to release the first movie by the summer of 2009. However, the film is primarily going to be adapted from anime artist Katsuhiro Otomo's graphic novel more than the original 1988 anime movie.

Warner Brothers exec Greg Silverman, who previously brought the studio 300 and Batman Begins, brought them Akira and encouraged them to obtain the rights. Although the studio let go of the rights a few years ago, they fought to gain them back in a bidding war, ending up paying in the seven-figures. The studio is describing the film as "Blade Runner meets City of God", which is a fairly fitting description for the story. Each movie will be based on three of the six volumes from Katsuhiro Otomo's graphic novel that was first published in 1982.

The two films will be directed by Irish filmmaker Ruairi Robinson who is making his feature debut after directing a number of short films and commercials. You can watch his 2006 short titled The Silent City on his website here. The script for the two films is being written by first-time screenwriter Gary Whitta.

Akira is a six-volume manga that was later adapted into an anime movie in 1988. The manga takes place in a vastly larger timeframe than the film and involves a far wider array of characters and subplots. Through the breadth of the work, Otomo explicates themes of social isolation, corruption and power. The original anime and and manga was set in Tokyo, but reports are saying this version will take place in "New Manhattan", a metropolis that was rebuilt after being destroyed 31 years ago. This isn't fully confirmed and we're doing our best to see if this is actually the case.

Kaneda is a bike gang leader whose close friend Tetsuo gets involved in a government secret project known as Akira. On his way to save Tetsuo, Kaneda runs into a group of anti-government activists, greedy politicians, irresponsible scientists and a powerful military leader. The confrontation sparks off Tetsuo's supernatural power leading to bloody death, a coup attempt and the final battle in Tokyo Olympiad where Akira's secrets were buried 30 years ago.

I said it before when talking about the rumor, but this is going to make for one awesome live-action movie. Not only am I a big fan of the anime movie, but there are so many great action scenes, like the futuristic motorcycle chases, that could be amazing in the movie. I'm only concerned that they won't give this duo of films the proper budget that they really need, especially with a first-time feature filmmaker working on them. Whatever the case is, I'll hope for the best!


Het gaat dus om deze film:


Ik had liever nog een aantal verfilmingen van de manga gezien, maar misschien wordt dit ook wel wat (maar ik denk het niet)

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Oké, apart..

Aan de ene kant ben ik nieuwsgierig om wat ze er van gaan maken, aan de andere kant lijkt me dit totaal overbodig.

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Ruairi Robinson The Silent City vond ik wel vet. Redelijk gedurfd om een no name het project te laten regisseren. Hopelijk gaat het door!

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DiCaprio to star in live-action Akira remake

Iconic anime film Akira is being remade as a two-part, live-action, Hollywood blockbuster starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The first part, set in New Manhattan — supposedly rebuilt with Japanese money — will premiere next summer.

The original is credited with helping anime find a market outside Japan. Released in 1988, it tells the story of a teenage biker gang member subjected to government experimentation in a post-apocalyptic New Tokyo. It featured some of the most imaginative motorcycles ever conceived. Let’s hope the new version does too.

The films will mark the directorial debut of Ruairí Robinson, who was able to sell Warner Bros. on his vision of a re-imagined Akira. In addition to starring in them, DiCaprio will also produce the films.

bron: http://hellforleathermagazine.com/2008/02/leonardo-dicaprio-to-star-in-l.html

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Hoewel Silent City echt voor geen meter loopt zitten er genoeg interessante aspecten in. Betere editor en da's ook meteen opgelost.

Alleen DiCaprio in Akira ... kan er mij niks bij voorstellen. Maar kan alleen maar interesse tonen in dit werk. Akira is een anime icoon en benieuwd hoe ze dit in live action gaan neerzetten. Enige waar ik schrik voor heb is dat het redesign in Amerikaanse handen valt, waardoor 50% van de charme waarschijnlijk al weg is.

En dan is er uiteraard nog die finale

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ik ga heus wel kijken

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Laat het alsjeblief nog afgezegd worden. Ik ben een groot fan van de manga (strip) en ik denk niet dat ze hier iets leuks van kunnen maken. Een ontploffend hoofd ofzo zullen ze waarschijnlijk toch niet durven maken, die finale, DiCaprio...

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Pastichio Rocker

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Ik hoop dat Tom Hanks en Bruce Willis ook een rol hebben!

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Is het zeker dat deze film komt? (Please nee, please nee..)

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Amel M.

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Zac Efron in de hoofdrol. Een live action akira lijkt mij best cool, maar Zac Efron....

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Amel M. schreef:

Zac Efron in de hoofdrol. Een live action akira lijkt mij best cool, maar Zac Efron....

Als dit waar is hoef ik die film niet meer te zien

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kappeuter (crew films)

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De verfilming van de Japanse animatiefilm Akira gaat voorlopig niet door.

Warner Bros. heeft de productie van de live-action verfilming van Akira stilgelegd.

Productie van Akira stilgelegd - MovieScene

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kappeuter (crew films)

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Live-Action 'Akira' Could Be A Trilogy, Christopher Nolan May Be Involved - Forbes

The almost never-ending train wreck that is the live-action adaptation of Akira will now likely be a trilogy of movies, with Christopher Nolan potentially involved.

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Illum Sphere

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Ik vind het wel een soort van geruststelling dat iemand zoals Nolan zich erbij betrekt. Een nog grotere geruststelling zou zijn als ze het helemaal niet maken.

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Een thread die loopt sinds 2008 met nog altijd veel in het ongewisse. Laatste wat ik las is dat Taika Waititi gaat regisseren, al staat er nog niets officieels op IMDB.

Taika Waititi werkt nog altijd aan live-action 'Akira' | Filmtotaal filmnieuws

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Duurt zo lang!


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