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English translation

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How do I view this site in english only? I've been using the site for a little while now and I love the selection of hard to find movies but I will be using the site more so I need to understand what I'm doing.

Thank you


avatar van Mug


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The site doesn't have an English language version. It's only in Dutch.

It depends on for which purposes you would like to use the site. When you are interested in information about the titles, you could click on the imdb-link, which guides you to that title on the IMDB website, which is English. [Please note, it might be that not all information is stated there, and sometimes the film is not in their database]

Well, you already figured out how to start a topic on the forum. If you would like to know what the translations are for some (basic) words, just name them. Or if you have general questions, just shout. Most of the users will be pleased to help/guide you (I think...)

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Mac Hammer Fan

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If you have a Mac and you can use Sherlock Translation, from Dutch into English, it would make your visits to this site much more easier. Just copy and paste the site contents and ask to translate it. Perhaps there is an alternative called

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Guess Babelfish is not of much use to you, since those translations are quite crappy. But as 'Mug' already indicated, please feel free to ask for translations in this topic. We're more than willing to help you!

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Try the Free Online Language Translator. And use a pop-up-blocker.


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