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Impact is een televisiefilm uit 2008, uitgezonden ( denk voor het eerst ) daarnet op Film 1 (Woensdag 25-03-09 20.30 t/m 22.30). Hieronder informatie die ik van IMDB heb gehaald! Want, ik ben zelf niet goed in omschrijvingen geven. Mijn reden van deze topic is om gewoon andermans mening te horen, eventueel gewoon interesse te delen.

Watch out, it's English:

While the entire world watches the largest meteor shower in 10,000 years, a rogue asteroid, hidden by the meteor field, smashes into the moon in a tremendous explosion of rock and debris. Fragments from the asteroid, and even from the moon itself, penetrate Earth's atmosphere and make impact. Even though the initial damage is minimal, nerves are frayed throughout the planet. There is significant physical damage to the lunar surface, but experts quickly conclude there will be no lasting ramifications. Then strange anomalies begin to manifest themselves on Earth. It starts small - cell phone disruptions, unusual static charges and odd tidal behavior. The world's leading scientists, including Alex Kittner, Maddie Rhodes and Roland Emerson, begin piecing together evidence that suggests the moon's properties, and its orbit, may have been permanently altered. Their fears are realized when the anomalies increase to the point where the effect of "simulated" gravity is being manipulated by increased electromagnetic surges coming from the moon. People, cars and other objects are rendered momentarily weightless in random, isolated areas around the globe. Alex, Maddie, Roland and the rest of their team soon discover something far worse - the moon's new orbit has put it on a collision course with Earth! The world now has 39 days to stop it or Earth, and all of mankind, will perish. After a failed attempt by the United States to destroy the moon, our heroes bring all the countries of the world together in one last hope for humanity - an international mission to the moon itself where astronauts will attempt to reverse the magnetic effects and restore the moon to its original orbit. Alex, whose children are now missing after the latest rampage of anti-gravity, is emotionally torn as he must now join Roland and two other astronauts on the Earth saving mission into space. It is a race against time as the two celestial bodies are drawn closer and closer to impact, the world united, watching and praying, the survival of mankind in the balance.

(Mijn engels zuigt, dus kan iemand dit vertalen?)

Alvast bedankt voor de reacties op deze geweldige film!

avatar van rotem
Raar dat deze niet op moviemeter staat. Prima film trouwens. Vol spanning en sentiment. Zou 'm drie sterren geven.

Ik zal de film morgen toevoegen.
Vandaag haal ik niet meer, het is te laat.

avatar van Theunissen
Deze was vandaag op Film1

avatar van aunuscus
Ik heb gekeken hij staat wel op moviemeter

geplaatst: vandaag om 05:04 uur

geplaatst: vandaag om 05:04 uur

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